10 Mirrors For Your Home That Reflect Contemporary Elegance

  • 9 Jun '22
  • 10:01 am by Nuriyah Johar

Our favourite thing about mirrors apart from their utilitarian purposes, is their ability to instantly elevate the aesthetics of a space. They add just the right amount of glamour to a room and serve as striking alternatives to conventional wall art, all while creating subtle illusions of expansiveness. In addition to this? They provide endless options for creative experimentation. While the ‘mirror over console’ is a fail-safe classic, you can always go a different route. Stack your rectangular mirrors on a shelf instead of hanging them for a change, strategically place them across windows to bring in light, or if you have a flair for the dramatics, create a statement corner by perfectly matching your sideboard and decor accessories to your wall mirror. Our list includes options suited to every kind of interior. From sharp geometric forms to soft curves, freestanding brass pieces to unique tinted options, here’s a roundup of mirrors we love –

Renovation Factory

Artemis Floor Mirror in gold. Price – ₹59,000 Image by Renovation Factory

Sage Living

Amorfa Mirror. Price – ₹50,270 Image by Sage Living

West Elm India

Roar + Rabbit Infinity Mirror. Price – ₹ 20,000 Image by West Elm India

Topp Brass

Brassel Round Mirror. Price – ₹16,000 Image by Topp brass

Orange Tree

Louvre Mirror. Price – ₹9499 Image by Orange Tree

Iqrup + Ritz

The Carlo Mirror. Price – ₹78,634 Image by Iqrup + Ritz


Eclisse Wall Mirror. Price – ₹9,590 Image by Logam

Freedom Tree

Stepwell Wall Mirror. Price – ₹7,880 Image by Freedom Tree

ISQ, Dhanmill

Harrington Square Horn & Bone Mirror. Price -₹68,660 Image by ISQ, Dhanmill

Gunava Design

Tropical Mirror. Price – ₹35,000 Image by Gunava Design