10 Things You Need To Know – The Vastu Edit

  • 11 Nov '21
  • 12:28 pm by Kriti Saraswat-Satpathy

Vastu Shastra, the ancient science of architecture, design, and layout holds relevance for many even today. It is not surprising for interior designers and architects to adhere to the principles of vastu when designing a project. Most of the time, clients buy and set up their dream home after consulting with a vastu expert to ensure it is free from negative energy, and promises a healthy, happy life. If you too are a believer of this concept, or are simply intrigued by it, this is for you. We asked India’s foremost vastu experts Dr Jai Madaan and Kanika Parakh, to share their top tips with us. The two have provided consultations to high-profile clients including celebrities, and are well-renowned in their field to offer advice that can help fix your home’s vastu. While a personalised consultation can help charter a vastu plan that works just for you, here are 10 vastu key points you need to keep in mind –

Celebrity Vastu experts Dr Jai Madaan (L) and Kanika Parakh (R)
Avoid plants in the southwest direction. Image Credits – Shibui

1. Plants in one’s home are quite common, for their aesthetic appeal and air-purifying quality. According to Dr Jai Madaan, a renowned vastu expert, motivational speaker, astrologer and lifestyle coach, “Plants that can be grown in water like money plants should only be kept facing north or northeast direction. You can place plants all over the house, but avoid plants in the southwest direction, which is the direction that governs relationships.”

2. “Avoid placing cactus or bonsai plants inside your home since the little thorns give out negative energy. They are symbolic of stunted growth in your life even though they look really beautiful. Instead keep jade plants in the southeast corner of your home to help energise wealth luck,” advises Kanika Parakh, vastu and feng shui consultant, interior designer, geo professional and gemstone scanning expert.

Keep your ceiling mirror-free. Image Credits – The B.A.D Studio, Nilkanth Bharucha

3. “There should be no mirror right opposite the bed and also on the ceiling above your bed as these could disturb the harmony of your house. If you already have a mirror placed like this, you could reduce the negative effect of the mirror by removing it or simply, by covering it.” Reveals Parakh.

4. When it comes to the direction of the bed, Dr Madaan recommends it in the south of the bedroom as that is vastu-compliant.

Keep direction in mind while choosing colour. Image Credits – Yellow Studios, Ishita Sitwala

5. Many people like to create an accent wall with a different hue or pattern on it that stands out. Dr Madaan suggests a few colours that are vastu-approved. For walls facing the north direction, suitable colours are blue, white and black. For east, pick either brown or green tones. For the south, she recommends red, orange and yellow. In the west direction, metallic tones of gold and silver are preferable.

6. Placing artworks that display sadness, calamity or other such negative emotions can dampen the positive flow of energy in your home, so keep your common as well as private areas free of such paintings.

7. Parakh also advises to keep one’s foyer clutter-free so that good energy and luck isn’t obstructed from the main door.

Mirrors in the dining area are a good idea. Image Credits – Studio Ruh, Gokul Rao Kadam

8. When it comes to the dining area, “a mirror reflecting the dining table creates an impression of doubling the food on the table. This kind of setup may not enhance your wealth directly but it definitely ensures that the family will never lack food,” she adds.

Avoid placing the sink and gas burners adjacent to each other. Image Credits – The Act Of Quad, Ishita Sitwala

9. According to vastu, the right direction for one’s kitchen is the southeast, or northwest if the former isn’t feasible. Inside the kitchen, avoid placing the sink and gas burners adjacent to each other because water and fire are absolute opposite elements.

Keep location in mind while creating a puja room. Image Credits – Crest Architects, Shamanth Patil J

10. Says Parakh, “The ideal place for a puja room in the house is the north-east corner. Within the prayer room or mandir, the idols of various gods should be placed on the east side.”