7 Contemporary Ganesha Idols Perfect For Your Modern Home

  • 14 Jul '22
  • 3:51 pm by Crew

In a shifting cultural landscape, our ideologies are constantly evolving, consequently reflecting in our outward traditions. This manifests in the way we eat, dress, and even design our homes! The overly ornate, conventional mandirs and pooja corners are waning in popularity with younger homeowners who may want uniformity in their modern, minimalist homes. Catering to this growing niche, a number of art and decor brands have been creating stunning contemporary idols that marry traditional symbolism with new-age design sensibilities. From glass to marble, these (sometimes) abstract reinterpretations of Indian deities double up as sculptural art. Here’s our list of contemporary Ganesha idols that are perfect for a modern home –

1. Klove

Hand Blown Glass Ganesha. ₹35,400

2. Artisera

Ganesha 01 by Tapas Sarkar. ₹3,00,000

3. ArtZolo

Ganesha 5 by Bhagwan Rampure. ₹15,000

4. White Domus

Ganesha in Black Nickel. ₹69,000


Ganesha by Aashish Tanwar. ₹19,152

6. Iliziencrafts

Ganesha in Meditation (Green Marble). ₹80,000

7. Iliziencrafts

Ganesha in Banswara White Marble, with a Bodhi Motif. ₹5,25,000