16 Nov 2023 | Vruti Desai
5 Must-See Installations Celebrating Big Ideas In Small Buildings At The Dubai Design Week 2023

Marking a milestone – the 10th Edition of the Downtown Design Fair showcased Dubai’s commitment to creativity and innovation. Art Read More »

20 Sep 2023 | Manisha AR
Knight Of Order Of Art & Letters Conferred To Indian Designer Rahul Mishra In Paris

On 12th September 2023 designer and haut coutuerier Rahul Mishra was conferred the insignia of Chevalier dans l’Order des Arts Read More »

02 Sep 2022 | Sneha Shah
Dubai’s Museum Of The Future Boasts Mind-Bending Exhibits And Cutting-Edge Design Elements

Amidst the cascading skyscrapers in Dubai, the newly-opened elliptical Museum of the Future has caught everyone’s attention, giving us a Read More »

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07 Dec 2021 | Nitika Choraria
12 Must-See Pavilions At The Dubai Expo 2020
18 Nov 2021 | Beverly Pereira
Phenomenal Design Moments At Dubai Design Week 2021

A solid stone coffee table softened by its gently rounded edges. The smooth, cool sensation upon brushing past a metallic Read More »

20 Dec 2020 | admin
20 Oct 2020 | Esha Gupta
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17 Dec 2019 | Beverly Pereira
Inside Qissa Ghar: The Indian Pavilion by the Busride Design Studio at Dubai Design Week 2019

Every year, since 2015, the Abwab exhibition at Dubai Design Week, plays host to designers, curators and even design studios Read More »

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