20 Sep 2023 | Tanvee Abhyankar
Experience A Thousand Candles’ Glow With A Musical Event At Mumbai’s Royal Opera House

Candlelight India sparks a sense of wonder by reimagining concert experiences to be multisensorial. Brought to Mumbai by the same Read More »

05 Sep 2023 | Tanvee Abhyankar
Mumbai’s Gastronomic Adventures: A Minimalistic Gelateria, A Quaint Rustic Restaurant, And Beyond

Mumbai remains in a perpetual state of culinary innovation, constantly unveiling a host of trendy restaurants and cafes that cater Read More »

20 Aug 2023 | Vruti Desai
This International School In Kolkata Boasts A Half-Olympic-Size Swimming Pool And A 1100-Sq-Ft Jungle-Themed Library

Setting new benchmarks with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities across a sprawling campus, RP Sanjiv Goenka Group inaugurates its avant-garde educational Read More »

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26 Jul 2023 | Manisha AR
Sajan Mani On The Politics Of Body And Its Implication In Public Spaces

An intersectional artist and curator, Sajan Mani’s work contemplates time. Though known for his durational performances, he also produces sculptural Read More »

13 Jun 2023 | Nuriyah Johar
5 Cottage-Core Kitchens To Inspire Your Next Home Renovation

In an era of Artificial Intelligence, hypermodernity, and futurism, the yearning for a simpler, cozier lifestyle has sparked a phenomenon Read More »

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