A Glimpse Into The Bohemian House by Luxury Resortwear Designers Shivan and Narresh

  • 25 Jun '21
  • 5:12 pm by Nuriyah Johar

A crossover between fashion and interior design is always exciting – be it a new decor collection from Hermes or an extravagant Sabayaschi residence. One of the most recent instances of crossed paths comes from a young duo that has rapidly risen to much-deserved fame in the country’s luxury fashion scene. India’s foremost resortwear designers, Shivan and Narresh brought their signature sartorial sensibilities to the Bohemian House, marking their first foray into the interior design world. This isn’t, however, their only creative endeavor out of fashion. The duo has previously collaborated upon a furniture line with Bent Chair, and has most recently released a bespoke range of Luxury Art Wallpapers. Every such creative output is an extension of their personal taste – part of what they describe as a signature ‘Shivan and Narresh Universe’.

The Bohemian House by Shivan and Narresh. Image credits – Shivan and Narresh

The Bohemian House is flamboyant, maximalist, and undeniably eclectic. It is also quiet, elegant, and dreamy. While spaces like the lounge feature bold bursts of colour, print, and heavy accessorization, areas like the conservatory exist as pockets of visual calmness. Belonging to a client with a very unique creative disposition, the home was designed as a personification of her character. She identified most with the idea of juxtaposition, and therefore, her home is a dynamic blend of Morrocan elements, Indian sensibilities, and a Soho Loft-esque ambience, all carefully tailored to fit in with Vaastu considerations. “The Bohemian House was conceptualized keeping in mind aesthetics that are not only true and refined to the woman who inhabits it, but also equally tinted with the unique Shivan & Narresh language,” say the duo.

A driftwood bench complements the boho aesthetic of the conservatory. Image credits – Shivan and Narresh
The conservatory serves as a space for casual dine-ins while doubling up as an everyday work station. Image credits – Shivan and Narresh

The home opens onto a charming conservatory built over an open balcony. Soft arches and lush greens infuse the space with an almost magical elegance. Going beyond the visual aesthetics of the home (which would be commonplace for fashion-turned interior designers), Shivan and Narresh were down in the trenches ensuring civil and structural perfection. “Building a conservatory over the balcony was a structural challenge not only for water but also air-conditioning,” they tell us. “This was resolved by adding layers of canopies of suspended fabric to minimize direct exposure to sunshine. We applied a bespoke ‘morning calm’ print tinted film on the skylight as well as the retractable glass door of the conservatory to diffuse too much sunlight from streaming in.” The conservatory serves as a space for casual dine-ins while doubling up as an everyday work station. A driftwood bench and a reclaimed wooden dining table add an element of textural variation to the space and further complement the bohemian aesthetic of the home.

The lounge is a maximalist haven featuring printed wallpapers, bold colours, and heavy accessorization. Image credits – Shivan and Narresh

The conservatory leads into a theatrical lounge, which is not for the fainthearted. A custom canary yellow leather couch, a bold chequered rug from F&F, and the Shivan & Narresh BotonEye wallpaper serve as dramatic highlights, with unrestrained accessorization. A contemporary gold chandelier from Dorothee Lighting ties into the gilded narrative that runs through the home. Modern and eclectic as it may be, the design takes into consideration the guidelines of Vastu. “An entire wall was required to be black, which is why we picked the noir-based BotonEye Art Wallpaper and customized the blinds in the same print for a window on that wall, for all elements to seamlessly come together, both visually and graphically.” the duo explains. Bursting with personality in every corner, even the walk-in bar takes on a kaleidoscopic colour palette and features glasses that the client collected from different parts of the world.

Hints of gold shine through the bedroom design. Image credits – Shivan and Narresh

The bedroom evinces a deliberate visual softness that is made apparent through the muted choice of colours. It is, however, tied to the rest of the home through the gold detailing that characterizes the decor and lighting. From recurring ‘Evil Eye’ motifs peppered throughout the home to the abundant use of gilded mirrors, the accessories takes on a life of its own. Woven cane chairs and baskets add to the overall boho aesthetic of the home, and a number of rugs like the jute rug at the entrance and the maximalist velvet yarn braided rug in the bedroom further serve as finishing touches. Right from the structure down to the details, The Bohemian House is a striking embodiment of a mixed bag of distinctive identities that coalesce to form a unique space.

Woven cane chairs and baskets add to the overall boho aesthetic of the home. Image credits – Shivan and Narresh