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The Renovation Report - Architectural Digest India November-December 201..._5
Art Deco – Updated

An exclusive in Architectural Digest India’s November – December 2014 issue


We picked four distinct period styles and pieces usually found in Indian homes and updated them to suit the modern-day aesthetic.

Moving into a new space with acquired heirlooms— often generations-old furniture—can be as daunting a task as renovating. We like the challenge of fitting these pieces into our urban lifestyles rather than merely replacing them with newer pieces. At AD, we believe in mixing period pieces with contemporary ones to turn the spotlight on pieces that never go out of style. What should go out of style, though, are old draperies, off-white walls and the tendency to limit all your furniture to a single style.


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Colonial – Updated


Indian colonial furniture was influenced by the Portuguese, Dutch, French and British. The Portuguese and Dutch styles were known for grand wooden pieces in different tones of brown that infused local decorative elements as well as materials like ivory, brass or even silver as inlay work. An entire space furnished with these large brown pieces can have an overbearing feel. The beauty, grace and detailing of this strong furniture can get lost in a jumble.


• A warm-toned antique wooden colonial cabinet sits perfectly well against a wall covered in a botanical print—an emerging trend in wallpapers. • Transform a dull room with plain walls into an inviting and bold space by merely using this palm leaf wall covering; it adds a tropical vibe and a graphic fl air. • Opt for patterns and prints that will blend well with existing neutral tones such as the cream-coloured rug and the upholstered chairs. • Complementary green accessories further enhance the modernity of the strong botanical pattern, creating a visually pleasing colour palette.


The Renovation Report - Architectural Digest India November-December 201...
Extra Tips


1. WALLCOVERING IDEAS Using wallpaper only on one wall—either the fi replace wall or the main focal wall in your living room—is a quick and easy way to update the mood of a space. Another approach to create a strong harmonious space is to add the same wallpaper to the panels on the room’s doors.

2. WOODEN FLOORING Squarefoot offers a wide range of flooring solutions such as solid, engineered and laminate wood. Their ‘Basic’ collection of 8mm laminate flooring is an ideal solution for rental homes and budget conscious spaces, starting at `95 per square foot. Available in a wide range of colours, these individual planks can be layered over the existing flooring— perfect for creating a durable floor for a fraction of the price and installation time of a hardwood floor.

3. PAINTED CEILINGS The height of a ceiling is visually determined by the contrast between the colours of the walls and ceiling. Therefore, if you have a coloured wall and you paint the ceiling a bright white, your eye will be drawn to the strong contrast between the two colours, reducing the perceived height of the ceiling. However, if you use a shade of white that’s sympathetic to the wall’s colour, the change from wall to ceiling will seem more organic, making you less aware of where the wall ends and the ceiling begins.

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Photographer: Jignesh Jhaveri Stylist: Sonali Thakur Assistant Stylist: Samir Wadekar