An Intimate Look At The Rohet House, Jodhpur’s Chic But Truly Authentic Luxury Boutique Stay

  • 11 Nov '21
  • 12:24 pm by Crew

A short drive away from the bustling old city of Jodhpur lies an oasis of calm and, quite literally, a spectacular sanctuary for those who have braved the scorching Rajasthani sun. The Rohet House, a luxury residence of six suites and two rooms, is located in the tony residential neighbourhood of Ratanada, once home to aristocratic residences in the pre-independence era. There are many reasons why this property has been a draw for the culturally curious and those appreciative of the convergence of heritage, luxury and design ever since it opened its doors in 2019.

The Rohet House has a rich and intriguing history that dates back to 1969; it was built as a city residence by the late Thakur Manvendra Singh and late Thakurani Jayendra Kumari of Rohet who come from a family with aristocratic lineage. Over the years, as a natural extension of their warmth and hospitality, the family, like some of the noble families in Rajasthan, opened up their homes to guests, eventually creating a portfolio of luxury stays for guests to enjoy. Even before The Rohet House, there was Rohet Garh, the ancestral seat of the Rohet family that was transformed into a luxury heritage hotel in the nineties. Another property in the “House of Rohet” bouquet, Mihir Garh was established in 2009 and is just as exclusive.

Recalling memories associated with The Rohet House in particular, Avijit Singh, owner of The Rohet House, says, “The Rohet House has always been an open house which never stopped entertaining guests. On any given day, The Rohet House would be hosting friends and family with plenty of stories and laughs being shared for the past 60 years by four generations of the family. From royalty to prominent industrialists to renowned politicians, the house has been host to all.” Today, this warm brand of hospitality can be experienced at all the properties under the House of Rohet umbrella, not least The Rohet House, where the family still has their private residence. “We enjoy inviting our guests into our residence to join us for a drink when we are at The Rohet House,” he explains.

The design of The Rohet House carries a keen attention to detail through the use of contemporary colour palettes Image Credit: House of Rohet

The idea behind the newest addition to the hospitality group in 2019 was to conceptualise a unique and artistic boutique property in an urban setting that would be just as luxurious, tasteful and welcoming as the other properties in the House of Rohet collection. If Mihir Garh is a beautiful, rustic remote luxury retreat and Rohet Garh is an exemplar of tradition by design, the House of Rohet is classical in its approach but contemporary all the same. Or, as Singh puts it, “For a city property, the idea behind The Rohet House was always to combine traditional Rajasthan with urban chic.”

The restoration of The Rohet House which began in 2017 involved staying well in line with the hugely historic nature of the residence. The old structure crafted from Jodhpur sandstone and red ochre was maintained to a great extent, save for the addition of a floor so as to create more social space for the suites. The entire process including refurbishment took over two years to complete and was executed with sensitivity and by keeping traditional arts and crafts at its core.

Hand-painted frescoes allude to the stories of Krishna in rooms and suites at The Rohet House Image Credit: House of Rohet

Like some of the other properties under the House of Rohet umbrella, the design of The Rohet House was entirely conceptualised by Singh’s mother, Thakurani Rashmi Singh Rohet who painstakingly handpicked individual pieces to suit every corner of the property. The family opted to work only with local artists and craftsmen to create contemporary artwork inspired by traditional classics.

Every room and suite is uniquely decorated with a keen attention to detail down to the headboard Image Credit: House of Rohet

One sees larger-than-life frescoes on the walls of all spaces, rooms and otherwise that were designed by her and hand-painted by local artists, which allude to and draw inspiration from the stories of Krishna through elements and motifs. “There is no imagery of Krishna anywhere on this property, yet all the imagery and colours allude to this concept,” Singh explains.

Decorative elements at The Rohet House are both traditional and contemporary Image Credit: House of Rohet
Pinstriped walls in one of the plush bathrooms at The Rohet House Image Credit: House of Rohet

Indeed, every one of the six suites and two rooms at The Rohet House is a sight to behold, and especially noteworthy for their well-considered colour palettes and attention to detail through a host of textures. While the stunning suites find a home on the first and second levels, the rooms on the ground floor of the property are just as marvellous. Here, pastel yellows complemented by beautiful earthy shades lend one of the private spaces a perfectly sunny disposition; in another, a stunning rust wall proves to be the perfect backdrop for Wedgewood blue employed extensively in upholstery and linen. And still others carry delightful shades like eggshell blue or pastel-toned pinstripe walls. One design element that ties these spaces together is the use of a statement headboard, perfectly adorned to suit the palette of the room. Further attention to detail can be spotted in the custom-made furniture, fittings and rugs that reflect the true essence and luxurious nature of every suite and room.

Framed photographs of the Rohet family make the experience of staying at this property that much more intimate Image Credit: House of Rohet
Social spaces at The House of Rohet are chic like this poolside seating area Image Credit: House of Rohet
Wicker chairs and a spectacular mural at another social space on the property Image Credit: House of Rohet

The thoughtful choice of colour palettes extends to social spaces too, lending every one of them a unique feel. There are pool-side wicker chairs in a soothing mint green and others in the prettiest of pinks — both shades sumptuous and breezy enough to whet one’s design appetite. The dining tables too are set with aplomb — think vintage cutlery and impeccably folded napkins. Chain Singh, one of the servers at the restaurant, is trained to fold napkins in 42 different ways, and is but one of the many timeless luxuries at The Rohet House which is truly hard to come by elsewhere these days. Needless to say, the menu — a mix of global fare and traditional dishes based on family recipes — is a reflection of the contemporary aesthetic that this property exudes.

The kitchen at The Rohet House dishes out global fare aside from contemporary takes on traditional family recipes Image Credit: House of Rohet

An itinerary packed with activities curated with care by The Rohet House will keep you busy when you’re not soaking in the stunning design at this property. Opt for a sunrise tour of the old city, a stable visit to the sister property Mihir Garh, and shopping excursions. And, when you return, you’ll remember just how incredibly intimate a stay at The Rohet House proves to be. When one is not being regaled by the family members, one is still privy to the rich legacy of the Rohet family through decorative details by way of framed photographs placed across the many social spaces. After all, for Singh and his family, “The Rohet House was and will always be a home first, so it was important to showcase it as such. The Rohet family has had a rich history with many illustrious members in its lineage, each one with their own special stories. The family and its history are an integral part of the experience.”

Design Pataki was part of a press trip to The Rohet House.