Art-Seize Furniture

  • 4 Oct '12
  • 9:32 pm by Crew

Hiran Ganjawala, Interior Designer for Mumbai restaurants like Quattro, Relish, Samrat wanted to follow her passion for furniture design and art. Together with photographer Shrutti Garg they merged the two to create harmony and functionality between the art piece and furniture. Well known artist Nilesh Pawar’s latest collection which explores the relationship of the 5 elements of nature with the human. Wind, Sky and Water in blue pigments. Fire & Earth in red, brown pigments. She tells us, she was inspired by his use of vibrant colors. Created out of solid wood, some with leather and high quality digitally printed canvas. Hiran Ganjawala has used Nilesh Pawar’s work on serving trays, cheese platters, candle stands, centre tables, sofas, cushions. Furniture pricing at Rs 10,000 to 80,000. Our favourite is the centre table (below) where the art work slides off the table converting into a bench. So if you have that one extra guest, no problem, theres always room. If you want Andy Warhol on your sofa, Hiran Ganjawala will ‘Art-Seize’ it for you.

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Photos courtesy Hiran Ganjawala, Attic Studio