Beach Candy Pop-Up Shop, Morjim, Goa

  • 18 Feb '14
  • 11:00 am by Crew


As everyone is making a beeline for Goa with the numerous weddings happening over there or for a fabulous holiday in this amazing weather. Beach Candy is absolute refreshing, saying, Im on holiday baby! With a colorful vibrant facade it will definitely pique anyones interest. A simply designed shack painted in pristine white and candy lane colors to make that smile grow even wider. Thats how much you can do just using color. No need to bust your bank account when doing up a space, all it needs is a bit of creativity.

Hope you have a bright and happy day! 

Fanny_-Bikini_-Surya-CB-blo Beach-candy-pop-up-shop-Morjim-India-03 Beach-candy-pop-up-shop-Morjim-India-02


Photographs via Beach Candy