Bharti Kher’s – Bindi Obsession

  • 29 Jan '13
  • 4:00 am by Crew
The Rinky Dink Panther

Recently I was introduced to Bharti Kher, while I was doing research for the blog. I wish I had known of her work earlier and followed her art. One of Indias best known contemporary artists. Known popularly for using the Indian bindi in her work. Bharti Kher was struck by a woman, in a market,  wearing a ‘sperm’ bindi on her forehead. She asked the woman where it came from and went straight to the store. She bought all the bindis the store had.
The Bindi, the popular forehead decoration worn by women in India representing the third eye. One that forges a link between the real and the spiritual worlds.

The pieces of art which reached out to me the most. The Rinky Dink Panther in its flamboyant pink color combined with the blank bindis is amazing. It adds a lovely texture to the piece.

The Rinky Dink Panther

The first time I looked at this picture I was wondering how she managed to get such a lovely deep etch into the piece. After looking at it twice I realized they were bindis. The form of the elephant lying down caught very well. Representing the plight of elephants in the country with the pain depicted in his scultural elements. 

The skin speaks a language not its own
The skin speaks a language not its own

Untitled is composed of multi-layered and multi-coloured bindis. These numerous circles of coloured felt are concentrated on painted board. A reoccurring motif in her work, like the wheel rooted to the centre of the Indian flag.
The piece below is done on a broken mirror. Large sunflowers form between the cracks of the mirror.
The panther and the elephant blew me. Which one was your favourite?