11 Jan 2013 | Crew
Dubai Design Highlights!

Louis Vuitton Window Display Every new city and every new town leads way to numerous design ideas and concept. Inspiration Read More »

24 Nov 2012 | Crew
Memories Of A Butterfly – Sreeti Mondol

Introducing you to Memories of a Butterfly by Sreeti Mondol. When she first wrote into to us, we were excited Read More »

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15 Nov 2012 | Crew
India Mahdavi’s Sophie
22 Oct 2012 | Crew
DESIGN PATAKA # 17 – Be Foxy! – Design Office

Pixel Inspired Post It Installation When the brief given to design an office space is to ‘Be Foxy’, its nothing Read More »

10 Sep 2012 | Crew
DESIGN PATAKA # 9 – Smokehouse Deli!

We enquired about the designer on various projects we admired. The answer would always be “The Busride“! So we decided Read More »

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