• 8 Aug '14
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Tanuja Jain (8)

Katrina Kaif posing behind a potters wheel in the Titan Raga Advertisement is the furtherest thing to what really goes behind Ceramic Art. It cannot get more misleading. Having taken a Basic and Advanced Class in Studio Pottery, my appreciation of this extremely expressive and self satisfying art has grown. So one can understand my excitement to see Tanuja Jain’s work. It has the perfect elements. Its modern, chic and interesting. The gold collection (pic above) being the absolute stunner. 

Tanuja has been exhibiting ceramic art for more than a decade. Her International experience and exposure have taught her various techniques of pottery under the aegis of famed international potters and led her to create a vast array of styles in Studio Pottery.  

She says,” Inspiration for my work comes from sources as diverse as ancient Harrapan pottery to plants in my garden and the ever-changing views and colors of nature seen from my workshop.My work is simple and modern, wheel thrown and altered tableware.  I feel deeply satisfied when I can reproduce the functional genre in a new way. This exhibition displays enormous diversity in material, techniques, beliefs and notions of functional ceramics.   I like experimenting with new techniques and materials hence my work encompasses – porcelain, stoneware, wheel thrown, altered and hand-built ceramics – pierced and pinched, multi-fired, gold glazed and so on. 

Carefully hand painted wooden trays that compliment hand painted cups. The copper glazed chai glasses are juxtaposed with the traditional milk ‘Dol’.  I love making tableware that represents comfort and hospitality – hence “Lets do Chai..”

Prices start at Rs 1,000 going upto Rs 40,000. Catch Tanuja show –

“Let’s do Chai” – An Art and Studio Pottery Exhibition

September 20th-25th, 2014

Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre New Delhi

Timing – 11am – 7pm

Tanuja Jain (6) Tanuja Jain (3) Tanuja Jain (5)


Photographs courtesy Tanuja Jain