Cocaine – Delhi’s New Party Place! by The Busride

  • 18 Dec '12
  • 7:28 am by Crew
Wall Art by Avinash Kumar
The Busride’s newest project in Delhi, GK-1 have them creating a edgy, exciting, energetic club. You could say the place looks “sharp”.  
The asymmetrical lines translate from the walls to the floors. Dark tinted mirrors cover angular panels randomly. Textured paint on the others. The mirrors are used to create multiple optical illusions. Reflecting off from other structured panels. A long passage way makes way to the club. LED lights bathe the entire space. 
Wall art by Avinash Kumar looks even more radical with the lights. It looks to be printed on vinyl and mounted on. Graphic, Illusionary art finds its place in this area making it something to talk about.

Passageway to the lounge

Exposed ceilings, open fittings take care of the services. The sync between the material used for the flooring, walls and furniture is flawless. The concept flows from when you enter till you leave. The neon ambience is very exciting. So if you like the psychedelic feel, this place is for you. Being more of a lounge person I would come here to enjoy the design elements. Cocaine sure is a cutting edge club, wink wink.

The Bar
The Bar
A black and white view of the bar
The Club
A black & white view of The Club

Photos via The Busride
Photos by Tanuj Ahuja