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  • 31 Aug '12
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Reflection Collection

Ayush Choudhary director of Cocoon Fine Rugs believes that every carpet has a story to tell. We all know Aladins story but Cocoon weaves alot more than that!
Ayush and his store manager Rekha take me through the entire process. Explaining every nitty gritty detail of the life of a carpet. Having exported carpets since the last 30 years they are experts in their field. Realising the need in the market they decided to open their flagship store in Mumbai at Worli. Cocoon specialises in Hand Knotted and Hand Tufted carpets. A hand knotted carpet requires around 7 – 9 months to create. As opposed to a hand tufted caroet which takes approximately 3 months. The difference in labour and technique equals to a large price difference. Prices start at around Rs 40,000 for an 8 x 10 feet hand tufted carpet. Cocoons carpets are generally made out of wool and silk.
Cocoon has introduced a new leather collection which a must see! Made out of real leather hides patched together and overdyed to give you beautiful shades. The designs are predominantly contemporary. But they also house the traditional with a contemporary twist. Most of the carpets can be custom made to the clients requirement.
Cocoon can send you the carpets on site to see how it looks within the space before ordering it. They will also restore or service your carpets if requested. So you can be stress free about after sales service! (How important is that in India!)

Patchwork Carpet

A unique interplay between the natural ad organic texture of leather and urban geometric patterns lending the living space an optical illusion kind of effect.

Hair on Leather Carpet

The Ikat Collection crafted by Cocoon Fine Rugs is inspired from the decorative Ikat textiles from Idonesia and Latin America. Cocoon has recently added to its existing assortment, a variety of their interpretation of these designs.

Ikat Collection

Ikat Collection


Tangerine is the hottest Pantone Colour of the Year! Ayush recommends picking up something in tangerine for this year. It will brighten up any space!

Tangerine Vintage Revival Carpet

Cocoon Fine Rugs
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Dr AB Road, Worli,
Mumbai 400 018

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Photos courtesy Cocoon Fine Rugs