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  • 27 Sep '13
  • 4:00 am by Crew
Teak Washbasin

Furniture dates centuries in India, with hand carved ornate opium beds, room dividers, roll top desks. Made of teak, shisham and mango wood, beautiful woods distinctly available in India. Over time the ornate carved patterns have given way to a more modern simplistic design. Which then led to Modular furniture. The pace of our lives demands quick and easy solutions. Making us forget the value and appreciation of good craftsmanship in wood. Which is why when we saw Solli Concepts furniture, we were mighty impressed. Beautifully crafted pieces at a reasonable price. The teak washbasin, our favourite, got us wondering how it would look with a lacquer cabinet below. Black or white lacquer?
We catch up with Sohel the brain behind Solli Concepts to give us the lowdown on the furniture scene:

1.What got you interested in wood crafting?
From a very early age, I used to build small pieces of furniture as a hobby and found myself getting very engrossed in the different varieties of wood and figuring out the best techniques to showcase the wood. My engineering background further fueled my passion for creating furniture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
I also have to give credit to some very good friends who pushed me in the right direction and made me realise my dream of designing furniture full time.

2.What is your vision with Solli Concepts?
To give people quality pieces of furniture that showcase both form and function at affordable prices.

3.You say your inspiration is from Asian Joinery techniques. How does that affect the furniture?
We draw inspiration from traditional woodwork techniques from around the globe to be able to minimize, if not eliminate the use of screws and nails in our construction. As well as being structurally stronger, these techniques also add beauty to the finished product.

4.What advice would you give a first time furniture buyer?
Come to Solli Concepts for all your needs!!
First and foremost, it is very important to put a little thought into the kind of design style that you want to achieve. A piece of furniture may look good in the shop but it might not work in your space. Secondly, the finish of a product is very important and often overlooked.  As a simple example, a dining table or a coffee table should have a finish that can withstand the wear n tear of daily use, especially in a city like Mumbai.

Walnut Sideboard &  Tucson Armchair

5.Your go to for design information (magazine / website / books)?  😉

6.When starting a new piece what is key to keep in mind?
The end user – what they want to achieve from it. Sometimes I help clients realise this and sometimes they come to me with a clear perspective on what they are looking for.

7.Architect or Designer from the past you admire the most?
Frank Lloyd Wright, George Nakashima

8.Current Architect or Designer you admire the most?
Tadao Ando, Terrence Conran, Kenji Matsumoto

9.Materials you cant get enough of?
Wood, wood and wood!! Every type, shape, size and form

10.What is your opinion on Design in India today?
I feel today’s buyer is far more educated and opinionated in aspects of design and functionality. This is something that did not hold much importance in the past and as a result. This demand is resulting in a much better market for designers like us to  provide a range of products that is in keeping with the demand of the client without compromising our design ethos or style.

Ott’ee Table – Ottoman – Coffee Table


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Photos courtesy Solli Concepts