A Curator’s Paradise: Welcome to 24K by Kolte Patil

  • 29 Aug '18
  • 9:30 am by Tansha Vohra

The Statement Pieces perfectly crafted for the living room

Abstract art, a play on lines and angles, soothing colour tones and close panelling detail are just some of the features that make the 24K Apartments by Kolte Patil stand out in our minds. Designed by Shriya Kolte of Imagination Inc, the house beckoned us to explore its in’s and outs.
The living room opens up to a beautifully panelled wall, giving the room significant depth of colour and size. It also doubles up as a perfectly neutral canvas for bright works of art, spaced along the length of the wall. The eye immediately gravitates to the statement chairs – gold and orange chairs, with an agate stone top by Address Home. The chairs are comfortable enough to sink into while adding an element of luxe in their placement. The room also boasts of a chair by Lekha Washington, standing alongside a black and white table with gold detailing by Jamie Hayon. The colours perfectly combine to aid your visual plane. The custom-made L-shaped sofa is the perfect amalgamation of a formal seating when the occasion calls for it, while also doubling up into a relaxed lounger for when it’s just the family living in. The neutral Botticino flooring allows for all these subtle elements of the furniture to stand tall.
Neutral wall panelling to accentuate the Art

The living room extends into the dining room best described as airy, textured and soothing – all factors that aid the feeling of joy as the family sits down to break bread together each day. There is a serving counter from the kitchen, deeming the functionality and utility of design present. The curtains add an element of comfort and grace – tying up the colours of the room. The table stands ready to be graced, with small planters from Paradise Road in Sri Lanka making their presence felt. The Furnitalia chairs wood detailing catches the eye.
A feast for the eyes indeed

All homes need a dedicated space for when the game is on, or a beautiful work of cinematic brilliance is to be appreciated. The cream and beige shades run through the room, from the curtains to the sofa and carpet. The blinds allow for a complete blackout for the complete cinematic experience. The dual tone of green on the walls and angular paint visually extends the room, making it feel larger than it is. The tones continue to the shelving, open and waiting for films and books to collect over time. Shriya tells us, “the concrete top table lamp finishes the look of the room, sourced locally from an art gallery.”
The clever use of tones and angles to visually extend the room

The master bedroom has been crafted for a couple in their mid 40’s – merging elegance with functionality. The panelling on the headboard adds texture to the wall, while also showcasing perfect design improvisation. The wardrobe, bed, hat and scarf holders have all been customized to suit the design aesthetic of the room. The see-through wardrobe is what brings this room alive. The laminated wood flooring brings the room warmth and comfort, sought after in every master bedroom.
Deep hues and tones used to balance play and rest for the children

The second bedroom, or guest bedroom, boasts of a headboard created using soft fabric with velvet and golden brass strips – giving the room a soothing glow and calm. The curtains are a plush rose quartz that allows for light to stream into the room, with blush curtains at each end. This room also has been given an open wardrobe, making for easy access and visuals. The console draws inspiration from the headboard and has a marble top that accentuates the wooden flooring.
The headboard catches the eye with its velvet and golden brass Pattis

The kid’s bedroom is a play on the tones and wildness that is the essence of a child. The curtains have a shaded fabric of brown and beige and it balances the other colours to give a comparatively lighter effect. This tan foldable chair from Defurn has been used to allow for space to be made for train tracks and castles that wait to be constructed. The open shelving at the bottom of the wardrobe allows for the children to access their things easily. The bed’s fabric cushioning allows for soft corners and minimal injuries. The deep blue of the wall beckons anyone to sleep like a baby would.
Deep hues and tones used to balance play and rest for the children

Locally sourced art, exquisite gallery finds, memoirs from holidays, soothing tones and subtle design manoeuvres transform this apartment into a home that stands tall in every aspect.
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