Design, Delhi vs Bombay

  • 19 Feb '15
  • 10:00 am by Crew

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Attending India Design for the third time, got me to think about the difference between the design scene in Delhi and Bombay. The two most prominent events in both cities have been between India Design in Delhi and India Design Forum in Bombay. The formers USP being managing to get the most outstanding Indian design brands on board and the later being an inspirational forum with outstanding speakers. Which make me wonder, do we in Bombay not have good designers showcasing their work? Bombay being a city where space is the biggest constraint, where 1200 sq. ft is considered a big project, is that curbing our designers. Do we not have enough opportunities to sell our designs. Delhi’s MG Road, a whole road, is lined only with home decor and accessories, we have a compound aka Raghuvanshi Mills to boast off.

Post India Art Fair, Delhi, which is another feat by itself, the art and design buzz is so high it has everyone excited. Making art and design communities in Delhi incredibly active. I felt this high octane levels of energy this time around. Is Bombay lacking that spirit? As of now is it feels like a very small community with few people holding fort. There are many Bombay designers doing amazing work, who we come across in our research, but need a larger platform. Hopefully this year India Design Forum will set up an area for designers to showcase their work. In the meanwhile Im looking forward to seeing the next generation of designers through our student competitions!



Photograph courtesy Design Pataki