3 Trailblazing Indian Designers Who Showcased Their Works At Salone Del Mobile Milan, 2024

Explore the diverse works by Indian designers Nitush and Aroosh, Karan Desai, and Aashka Desai that were exhibited at Salone del Mobile Milan.

  • 23 May '24
  • 2:28 pm by Pallavi Mehra

The Salone del Mobile Milano, also known as the Milan Furniture Fair, is a celebrated annual furniture design trade fair held in Milan, Italy. It’s one of the world’s most important design events, exhibiting furniture, lighting, and other interior design products from leading manufacturers and designers. Over the last few years, several Indian designers and brands have showcased their works at Salone del Mobile. Here are three Indian designers who have stood out at the prestigious international design fair.

3-Trailblazing-India- Designers-Who-Showcased-Their-Works-At-Salon- Del-Mobil-Milan-2024-Design-pataki-01
The ‘Monolith’ sculpture by Nitush and Aroosh in collaboration with Adorno Design. Image credit: Lumos Studio
  1. Nitush and Aroosh

Gurugram-based designers Nitush and Aroosh, unveiled their latest creation—the ‘Monolith’ sculpture, at Alcova 2024 during Salone del Mobile in Milan. Partnering with Adorno Design, the well-known European art gallery, Nitush and Aroosh exhibited their eye-catching sculpture at Villa Bagatti Valsecchi in Milan. The ‘Monolith’ sculpture showcases the culmination of Nitush and Aroosh’s artistic vision, embodying the essence of introspection and distortion. Created from stainless steel, using inventive techniques and hand workmanship, the sculpture stands tall at 180 cm. The exhibition theme curated by Adorno Design was ‘Animism,’ a belief system that assigns spiritual significance to all facets of existence, including inanimate objects. As per the theme, every natural entity has a soul or essence, a notion that deeply resonates with Nitush-Aroosh’s artistic sensibilities.

3-Trailblazing-India- Designers-Who-Showcased-Their-Works-At-Salon- Del-Mobil-Milan-2024-Design-pataki-02
L: Portrait of Nitush and Aroosh. R: The ‘Monolith’ sculpture. Image credit: Lumos Studio

Paying homage to the captivating monoliths that emerged globally during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nitush and Aroosh’s arresting sculpture offers a modern interpretation infused with the essence of Animism. “We are thrilled to debut the ‘Monolith’ sculpture at Alcova 2024 in collaboration with Adorno Design,” said Nitush and Aroosh.

 “The sculpture’s personality transcends its physical form, evolving through dynamic interactions with viewers and its environment. The mirror-polished finish and undulated surface invite exploration, reflecting viewers’ interpretations within its reflective surface. This sculpture represents our dedication to pushing the boundaries of design while provoking thought and reflection in viewers. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our vision with the world,” added the designer duo.

3-Trailblazing-India- Designers-Who-Showcased-Their-Works-At-Salon- Del-Mobil-Milan-2024-Design-pataki-03
L: Designer and architect Karan Desai; R: Alessandro Serafini, founder of Serafini. Image Credit: Karan Desai Home and Serafini
  1. Karan Desai

Mumbai-based architect and designer Karan Desai collaborated with Serafini, an Italian marble brand, for an exclusive product debut—the ‘Chaise Lounge’ launched at Fuori Salone 2024. Crafted from quality marble, the chaise comprises three distinct compartments conceptualised with both practicality and aesthetics in mind. The chaise lounge boasts a meticulously sculpted contour, ensuring optimal ergonomic support while exuding timeless elegance. A flat surface seamlessly integrated into the design offers convenient storage for essentials, while the built-in vessel provides versatility for plant adornment or ambient lighting. The design also employs a horseshoe curve and ergonomic seating.

3-Trailblazing-India- Designers-Who-Showcased-Their-Works-At-Salon- Del-Mobil-Milan-2024-Design-pataki-04
The ‘Chaise Lounge’ by Karan Desai and Serafini, was launched at Fuori Salone 2024. Image Credit: Karan Desai Home

“From a comfortable seating depression to a flat surface for essentials and a built-in vessel for plants, every detail is added to enhance the user experience. With its organic form and sleek design, the chaise lounge beckons you to indulge in unparalleled comfort and sophistication,” remarks designer Karan Desai. 

“Each curve is a testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and craftsmanship, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world of timeless beauty. Whether adorning a sunlit terrace or a lavish foyer, this iconic piece transcends boundaries, offering a sanctuary of serenity and style.”

3-Trailblazing-India- Designers-Who-Showcased-Their-Works-At-Salon- Del-Mobil-Milan-2024-Design-pataki-05
Designer Aashka Desai showcasing her collection ‘Objects of Culture’ at SaloneSatellite 2023. Image Credit: Aashka Desai
  1. Aashka Desai

Ahmedabad-based Aashka Desai’s brand Arisaa retails quirky furnishings that celebrate India’s rich cultural heritage. Her collection ‘Objects of Culture,’ showcased at SaloneSatellite 2023, celebrates the beauty and history of traditional weaving and embroidery techniques from the four corners of India. From the east – Naga Loin loom weave, from the west – intricate double ikat weave Patola, from the North – Phulkari embroidery and from the South – Kasuti intricate embroidery. By translating these art forms into modern artworks such as hand-painted wood totems, intricately woven rugs, and sculptural wall pieces, Desai honours the cultural heritage of each region.

3-Trailblazing-India- Designers-Who-Showcased-Their-Works-At-Salon- Del-Mobil-Milan-2024-Design-pataki-06
Aashka Desai’s collection ‘Objects of Culture,’ displayed at SaloneSatellite 2023. Image Credit: Aashka Desai

“These slow-crafted designs infuse a sense of warmth and depth to the spaces they inhabit…We aim to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary design, highlighting the importance of cultural awareness and sensitivity in design. The collection serves as a source of inspiration while pointing towards a future where innovation is driven by curiosity, creativity, and a deep respect for heritage,” concludes designer Aashka Desai.