DESIGN PATAKA # 1 – Suburban Luxury

  • 20 Jul '12
  • 11:14 am by admin
This quiet home tucked away in the suburban bylanes of Bandra exemplifies classy. The huge space has given way for the couple to experiment with colors and textiles that reflect their love for classic beauty and the arts. Interior Designer Rajiv Saini has chosen every piece beautifully. The red sofa from Mahendra Doshi brings alive the space. Gives the pop of color just needed. The floor lamp is unique – it can be lit in 3 different ways depending on your mood. The tanjore painting from a temple in South India has been given a blank canvas with a rice wallpaper. The cream sofa is from Cassina.

Artefacts and anything they find interesting has been placed in the assorted niches. Absolutely love the old typewriter! 

The den doubles up as a bar! The framework at the back actually opens up detailed shelving for all your bottles and glasses. A fine jute wallpaper from Artisan has been sandwiched. The sofa is very comfy. Great to put up your feet and vegetate. 
 The guest room is a space you rarely ending up using. So the couple decided to save on space and use a fold out bed from Poltrona Frau. This room doubles up as a studio to entertain clients. The hand book ends are my favourite. The owners have used old books and wrapped them up in beautiful wrapping paper.
This bathroom was my favourite. The alabaster under the sink lights up and glows against the wood clad walls. The mirror is an antique from their old house. The fittings from Gessi blend in with the concept.

The styling in this bathroom was superb! The counter was custom designed to their taste. The mannequin, the lace napkins from Sri Lanka, the artefacts, all fabulous! 


I love how this chair doubles up as a small step up ladder. You can find one at Fab India or Urban Ladder.