DESIGN PATAKA # 10 – Aashka, Jaipur

  • 12 Sep '12
  • 6:04 am by Crew

We introduced you to Designer, Punit Jasuja last week. His next project is so vastly different from the first. Aashka, Jaipur is a store by The Princess Bhargavi Kumari Mewar. Keeping the city, area and sights in mind, he designs the space in a traditional sense with hints of contemporary. The store is designed around the color white. Punit Jasuja uses the arched doors to create a honey comb effect. Letting the light create a lovely pattern on the flooring. The flooring is a white Makrana Marble. There are miniature paintings above the arches. Modern designs of Horses and Photo Frames have been painted by miniature painting artists. The Moghuls had introduced this Persian artistry to India in the 18th century. Punit Jasuja tells us “Polo is a very popular sport in Jaipur, so I decided to use this element and show the city’s culture” Hence the paintings, the large antique horse sitting in the middle of the store. But what really screamed for attention is the quirky thela / hand cart placed at the entrance! Painted white and mirrored it is used creatively for display. Punit, stop grabbing our attention like this!

Massive birdcages stuffed with fake birds are placed at the entrance of the doors. Punit Jasuja tells us these have been designed by him and can be bought from his newly launched store, Second Floor Studio, Delhi. The artefacts, the collection of mirrors, all sourced from Jaipur. The display cabinet has been refurbished white to fit in. The sliding shutters on the low display unit have been mirrored to reflect more light. Aashka, leaves you with the complete flavor of Jaipur.

Photos courtesy Punit Jasuja, Second Floor Studio
Last image from Katie Bartels Blog