DESIGN PATAKA # 12 – Office Space

  • 27 Sep '12
  • 4:21 pm by Crew

Multiple Design Award winners, Mika Designs, Mumbai, headed by Karim Furniturewala and Mital Furia share their latest project exclusively with us. An office space with an intrinsic natural aura. Glass films with a palm leaf patterns have been installed on the doors. The same pattern has been repeated on storage shutters. The cabin doors have been veneered textured with flowers. Giving the space a very tropical vibe. Natural Stone has been has been used for the reception desk in a neutral color. Raftered ceilings and wooden blinds compliment each other and tie the space together. The light patterns as horizontal strips on the flooring enveloping you with the design.
An interesting wall has been designed using Siporex Blocks. Siporex is essentially a construction material to make light weight walls. But Mital and Karim have played with the shapes and sizes creating an artistic wall instead. In the foyer exposed Bison boards have been used to set the background for the company logo. Karim & Mital believe in a functional yet aesthetical design sense. They have showcased exactly that with this office.

Photos courtesy Mika Design Inc.