DESIGN PATAKA # 12 – The Kids Space Reinvented

  • 21 Sep '12
  • 5:43 am by Crew

Its very difficult designing a children’s space without making it look too childish. We mean sans the cartoon characters. Piet Mondrian’s use of primary colours and angular lines seems to be a trending inspiration. We saw Attic use this in their furniture. Now we see Flamingo Interiors, Mumbai using this as a dynamic form in their entire concept. Flamingo Interiors believes in innovating with materials and technology. The lego pattern serves as drawer handles. Also creating a very neat bunk bed system. The speak bubbles used as a shelving system. Red, Blue & Yellow crazy ribbons stretch around the walls in different materials to add more depth. The bathroom wall features the artists painting in Mosaic. We wish they had gone a step further and finished the whole bathroom in the pattern but we love it nonetheless!




Piet Modrian’s Red, Blue & Yellow Composition

Photos courtesy Flamingo Interiors