DESIGN PATAKA # 13 – The Smokehouse Room, Delhi

  • 24 Sep '12
  • 6:22 am by Crew
Smokehouse Room
Sadly we are ending our The Busride special with Smokehouse Room, Delhi. As you enter you begin with their restaurant, fill up your belly. Move onto their cocktail bar grab a drink and then party it up in the night club, SHROOM. The entire space has a fluidity which connects all these three areas. Created with a mix of materials, POP, MDF and Corian to make the form seamless. Ayaz and Zameer Basrai worked 4 months on site with the workers to get this perfect! Inspired by the mushroom everything revolves around it. Specially handcrafted chairs and partitions by The Busride. White terazzo flooring. The cocktail bar has big white leather mounds. Girls you cant spin on these! The bar serves molecular drinks, lava lamp look a likes, hence the microscope.

Smokehouse Room
Cocktail Bar
Leather Mounds as Bar Stools
Molecular Bar
Wall Texture inspired from the mushroom texture
Organic inspired seating at the Bar
Seamless integration in the bar

What we love is the LED lights pulsate and change color with the music in the club. Large custom shadow lamps are placed over the seating creating shadows and giving it the oomph factor. The projection mapped walls allow for a visual experience. The VIP area is at the end and overlooks the entire club. The club is a amazing, we would call it psychedelic contemporary.

Custom Lamp Shades at SHROOM
Projection Mapped Walls at SHROOM
LED Lights pulsate at SHROOM

 Photos courtesy The Busride.