DESIGN PATAKA # 15 – The Interactive Kids Space – Hazel Choksi

  • 8 Oct '12
  • 8:01 pm by Crew
Play and Activity Area
After 18 years as an interior designer presenting Hazel Choksi’s first preschool and activity centre. The Big Umbrella, Mumbai owned by Shreena Doshi has partnered with the award winning New York based Apple Seeds to launch in India. Hazel Choksi says she had to do extensive research to create a healthy and safe environment for the kids. She wanted toddlers to go wild without parents being worried. Non toxic paint, carpeted flooring and most importantly ergonomically friendly for children. 
Moving away from the primary or pastel color concept, Hazel has used a whole array of bright colours. Each room has a centralised color theme reflecting each room door. 

The concept of using the walls as an interactive space is interesting. Theres a flower shape builder, the taxi (I want one in my room), textured walls (to teach materials), chalk boards, white boards and not to forget the flower plonkers. All customised in Hazel’s workshop. An interesting material we dont see often, acrylic mirror. The cloud like shape has been created using acryllic mirror so a child sees himself in different color tones. We call it Toddler Instagram! The wall decals have been created by a special graphic artist. Customised keeping the colors and theme in mind. The classrooms turn into activity spaces. Hence the rockstar drum set in the music room. Your kids should have maximum free space to play. Hazel has ‘de-cluttered’ the kids space brilliantly. 

Play and Activity Area – Toddler Instagram in the back.
Customised Wall Decals 
More Wall Decals and Curved Edged Windows 
Learn your Materials – Different textured flowers.
Presentation Room – Blackboards & Whiteboards – Draw on the walls! 
Flower hooks for all those water bottles and bags.
Shelves created out of letter shelves.
The Big Umbrella Facade!