DESIGN PATAKA # 16 – Kunal Shah – Office Space

  • 17 Oct '12
  • 6:31 am by Crew
‘Text Isle’

We found Kunal Shah randomly through our facebook research and immediately loved his projects.  The clean and clutter free spaces were refreshing. One that instantly caught our eye was this decorative office space. The office has one cabin, a conference room and a workspace area. The brief given to Kunal Shah was not to create an overtly bland & masculine space. Being a textile house he did not want to use the obvious material being textile. Instead using inspiration from the colors of the fabric and Indian design elements he created colorful partitions. The partitions are made using acrylic sheets and aluminium channels. Kunal Shah has taken this element further and actually got text printed on film and has it stuck on the acrylic. Using words referencing to textiles like warps & wefts, fabrics, textures etc…. He likes to call this a ‘Text Isle’ When he first told us about this we thought he was telling us that the acrylic sheets created words, so instantly we started hunting letters out. Sadly there aren’t any.

Acrylic Wall Partition with Text


Wanting to represent a retail aspect of the companys work, Kunal Shah has taken inspiration from barcodes. He has used teak and veneer to create a barcode pattern on the workstations and conference tables. It is a very subtle but interesting element. If your working on an office space. It is an interesting idea to toy with. Paint neon colours mixed with black would look fun. Or even basic black and white. The flooring has been done up with laminate wood flooring. (You can order from any reputed brand like Armstrong, Pergo, H.R Johnson) We like the darker tone as it keeps the space from becoming too feminine. The conference has fabric panelling. This was done for obvious and acoustic reasons. To add to all this creativity, the project was completed in only 30 days! If you liked this project, dont worry we have more coming soon from Kunal.

Conference Room
Workstation Area
Conference Room
*Design Pataki in conversation with Kunal Shah.
Photos courtesy Kunal Shah Designs