DESIGN PATAKA # 18 – Pizzeria Rossa – This is it Designs

  • 25 Oct '12
  • 7:24 am by Crew

Today we are looking at homestyle chic restaurant, Pizzeria Rossa. An italian restaurant located in the heart of Hauz Khas Village, Delhi. This is it Designs, headed by Saheba Singh was given a very short brief, to make it look like a warm and cozy place run by maybe a small Italian family. Shes gone about this by sticking to earthy colors, brick red, browns, orange and bold elements of olive green (taken because of the olives in the food not a random choice of color)
All the walls have burnt brick tiles cladding them. We like how they have been used vertically till around 4 feet and then horizontal. Though we wish there was a break of colour or texture somewhere, maybe on the column. A good tip to conceal the AC’s when you have a colour is to spray paint them like how Saheba has. It doesnt break the visual effect. For the flooring they have used Dholpur Tiles. But Saheba Singh tells us that they have given the tiles a natural effect by leaving the edges jagged. The unevenness was intentional. Even the table has been created with reclaimed sleeper wood. Here also you will notice the ends have been left with an unfinished look. The sleeper wood has been used as a false ceiling throughout. Cove Lighting on all the sides brightens the space. Hints of light peek out of the holes through the wood. The waiting area outside gives us a Yogi Bear Picnic feel. With the ficus plants surrounding you.

We love the styling with the dried flower hanging from baskets and watering cans. Even the menu cards are placed in baskets on the wall. Adds such a feminine touch to the place. Old wine bottles have been up cycled into light holders. A very good idea and a Pataki DIY # 4. If you pride the wine bottles you have, dont rip off the labels. It will add a more authentic look. Lastly the bar has a chalkboard wall. Saheba herself has done a chalk installation on it. She likes to call it, “Tomatoes gone crazy!”

*Design Pataki in conversation with Saheba Singh
Photos courtesy This is it Designs