DESIGN PATAKA # 2 – Out of the Blue, Pune

  • 20 Jul '12
  • 10:35 pm by admin
Out of the Blue, Pune is the new addition to the growing chain which are already present at Bandra & Powai. It has been created by the Dr Art + Design headed by the young and dynamic Mitali Bajaj. Out of the Blue is a multi themed restaurant with a Tasting Corner, Art Corner & Indoor Amphi Theatre. “Somethings always happening” here. The restaurant personifies casual dining. In the concrete jungle that we live in they have managed to create a beautiful Vertical Garden, hence bringing the outdoor indoors. The light installations were inspired from upside down umbrellas created by the talented artists at Dr Art + Design. The colors are monochromatically grey. So their customers can stand out in anything they wear.

A great way of using those empty spaces around your apartments is to put potted plants. Palms or Bamboos are good options. Floor Lights will give it the right amount of glow needed.

And here is their mascot! The Blue Wizard with a fork as a wand will whip up whatever your heart desires. Specially designed once again by Dr Art + Design using SRP Fibre. A nice touch are the iron brackets tying the rafters to the columns.

The top hat shaped pendant lamps are my favourite. The rustics flooring is from RAK Ceramics

The bar has been given an in-situ coating to give it a metallic haphazard feel. It had been used in harmony with the Malad Stone which has been used on the sides and the back wall of the wall. 
 Art is a very important aspect to any space. Hence they decided to create an Art Corner where every 2 weeks new upcoming artists are featured.