DESIGN PATAKA # 24 – Concrete by Studio 8:23

  • 27 Dec '12
  • 4:00 am by Crew

Studio 8:23’s latest project, Concrete has us all excited. Built in Andheri for a fabric design and manufacturing company, this forms a permanent exhibition/gallery space. Samir Raut & Siddhesh Kadam like to call this, Fight Club strikes up a friendship with the Flintstones.
Industrial design with a lot of varying textures. Using only primary elements such as concrete, wood and stone, and most of them incorporated in their natural form was the basic guideline or concept for this project.

A collection of fabrics is on display on the wall at the end. Forming a curtain of different textures and colours. Special tiles with varying mixes of concrete to create an uncertain look. Lined by black basalt stone providing contrast in finish and texture to the floor. A juxtaposition is formed between the urban concrete material vs the natural wood.




The space is a large open one. Uncluttered and free. Seating areas just to sit around and brainstorm. Interact with the clients. The entire wall at the end of the passage carries the fabric collection.  As you walk through curios and artifacts occupy different spots. Small interesting scenes are created. The modular kitchen with a random wooden bench hung over it is interesting. Old tin water jugs styled with other obscure pieces. A side table with small dressing table chairs.

The biggest challenge in a space like this is the size. A large space like this needs to be occupied with a sense that it doesn’t make it look empty. At the same time not over designing it. A lot of people I have noticed find it hard to find the balance. Invariably start making ridiculous POP patterns, using loud material and end up losing the concept. But Samir & Siddhesh have taken a different route. Creating a space to give you a view at the same time leaving it up to you to decide what you want to make of the space.
*Design Pataki in conversation with Studio 8:23
Photos courtesy Studio 8:23