DESIGN PATAKA # 4 – The Yoga Serene House

  • 24 Jul '12
  • 3:57 pm by admin
The Yoga House located in Mumbai, India is a very calm, serene and open space. It has been designed using alot of greenery, soft pastel colors and very minimalistic. The yoga house is a cafe, boutique and conducts yoga classes. The logo is of two brackets appearing to form a circle of trust yet open from top and bottom suggesting freedom.

 The cafe seating is outdoors with sun streaming through wherever you sit.The chairs have been bought from Jodhpur, India and have been painted white. The antique handles have been bought on one of the owners travels around India.

Everything at The yoga house is Eco friendly. There is no plastic. The beautiful furniture is made from pine wood.
The antique chandeliers and pendant lamps are from Firozabad, India. The black piece is my favourite. It adds a certain charm!

 India has a lot of Portugese Architecture, hence the owners have retained alot of those elements. The grill above the doors came with the place. The curved arches have been added to all the doors giving it more soft and fluid touch.
 One of the window sils has been converted into a small temple. Beautiful marigold flowers ornate the Indian deities.
100% Cotton Khadi Towels. Aren’t the colors amazing?
 The yoga house logo and the arched doors. The drapes are fine jute from Varanasi, India.