DESIGN PATAKA # 5 – Studio 8:23 – Filter Store

  • 19 Aug '12
  • 12:00 pm by admin
Design Filtered!
Browsing through Kala Ghoda and I came across the Design Store –  Filter. Housing curated work by illustrators, photographers, graphic designers and product innovators. Seeing how well conceptualised the store was I decided to meet the designers and understand the space further. Samir Raut & Faizan Khatri of Studio 8:23 took me through the entire space.
The facade is kept in tune with its surrounding. It has got a slight rustic look it. The shutters are louvered and a very good improvisation to the ordinary pull down metal shutters. A small night light streams through the louvres after working hours. The artwork for the logo has been designed by the owners and masterminds behind the store, Ritu & Alok Nanda. The store looks pristine in white. As you enter you are propelled in the new with the modern lines against the walls. But then you are pulled back into time with the white brick wall and the art nouveau furniture.

The left wall is clad in Aspiron. It a solid surface material. It can be cleaned and is easily maintainable. Using Aspiron made it possible to create movable shelves. The hardware to cantilever the shelves were specially fabricated by them and different prototypes were created. The shelving looks different each time.
Lighting is key in every store. The lighting have been placed so as not to create shadows anywhere. The black wall at the end is not painted. Instead back painted black glass has been used. The lights reflects off the glass giving a sense of depth.
I was introduced to their other work. A beautiful installation at Graphic Design Studio – Umbrella Design at Kamala Mills, Mumbai. The installation was created by Samir Raut & Siddhesh Kadam.
See how it was created in the video below.
The ambitious project was done on a tight budget. It has been made out of MDF & Acryllic Strips. Each strip has been handcut to specification. The design required customised hardware. It was specially fabricated by the team. This installation was painstakingly completed over a period of three weeks.