DESIGN PATAKA # 7 – Bandit Queen

  • 29 Aug '12
  • 12:18 pm by admin

As intriguing as the store name is, so is the concept behind it. The brand represents The Legendary Bandit Queen rising from the ashes like a phoenix. The Bandit Queen Store has been designed by Valerie Barkowski, art director and designer. Their collection includes three main areas: bed linen, bath linen and table linen. The Bandit Queen Store like the collection is timeless, sophisticated, unexpected, always with a touch of humour.

Located in a remote lane in Lalbagh, Mumbai the store is anything but its surroundings. You enter to large ceilings and a beautiful fresh environment. The display of the collection is what blows you. You want to buy everything. The linen colour are all earthy. Lots of white, violets, greys, burgundy. All coplimenting the store colours. The lower floor displays the linen against a black painted setting. The upper floor displays the table and bath linen in a grey atmosphere. Large skylights illuminate the entire floor. The color grey looks best with natural light or white light. The white linen refereshes the space.
The wood hands carrying the bath linen is very innovative. It makes you feel like you are being waited on. Every chair on the table is different but keeping the colour identical. Blown glass cutlery alongwith their table linen is displayed. The top hat lights can be bought from them or we have also seen them at Dr. Art + Design.
Hints of the burgundy and dark grey to add colour to the space.
The bed linen is displayed between trees carrying the labels from bandit queen. Makes you feel like your in the middle of a fairy tale of sorts.
The scarf display is so innovative. You look into the mirror and you know how the scarf would look on you. Creative Right?