DESIGN PATAKA # 8 – Anuradha Ramam Store

  • 5 Sep '12
  • 6:30 am by Crew

Anuradha Ramam’s store designed by Punit Jasuja is eye catching and creative. Punit Jasuja who has has recently moved to New Delhi from New York has definitely come with a bang! Color Blocking the entire store. Bye bye to the white contemporary look in here! Bringing in a very whacky color sensibility to the space. Orange, Green and Yellow are the focus colors which are part of the fashion collection.
Punit Jasuja, has used the logo, a fish, throughout the store. A giant painted fish adorns the main door, metal casted fish are affixed throughout the store. He makes sure you dont forget it.
The manequin on the motorcycle was my favourite. Very innovative! It Represents the truly fashionable Indian Woman!

Anuradha Ramam is big fan of Madonna and Elvis Presley. Punit Jasuja has incorporated this in by putting up pictures of them. Fresh Yellow roses to brighten up the space. Sticking to the color palette.

Pataki DIY: Buy an Oasis (green sponge to hold the flower & water) Fit it to the size of the vase. Cut the flowers to the same height and place firmly inside the Oasis. Put just enough water to keep the Oasis dry. Very easy to recreate at home. Great flower styling technique!

The beautiful accessories have been sourced from Jaipur, Rajasthan. The paintings were from Anuradha Ramam’s private collection. Betweeen the paintings and artefacts a beautiful salon wall has been created. The metalwork above the bench was an old room / space divider / screen. Punit has used this above the bench and created something a little more exciting out of the mudane.
The furniture from Fab India has been repainted and fitted into the color scheme. Punit Jasuja has used the prints from Anuradhas collection to create beautiful cushions. Making use of the fabric as a runner for the bench.

Another favourite is this custom antique clock. I want one for my home! You can get a customised one for yourself from Batliwala at Sundar Nagar Market, New Delhi.

Photos courtesy Punit Jasuja Productions