DESIGN PATAKA # 9 – Smokehouse Deli!

  • 10 Sep '12
  • 5:30 am by Crew

We enquired about the designer on various projects we admired. The answer would always be “The Busride“! So we decided to meet up with them to give you their insights on each space.
Design Pataki is going to dedicate the next 3 Mondays to The Busride. The Bombay based design firm headed by brothers Ayaz Basrai and Zameer Basrai. Having studied at NID, Ahmedabad and then worked in Dubai. They returned to Mumbai. The Busride have done a vast body of work from restaurants, installations and showrooms. But their most outstanding work and what caught our eye is their hospitality design.

Lets kick off the Busride Special with Smokehouse Deli at Phoenix Mills, Mumbai. With 12 permanent marker pens in hand they have changed the face of the walls. Using the white paint as their canvas. Ayaz and Zameer have tried to show you Mumbai and Phoenix Mills in their illustrations. Different breeds of fish, various species of butterflies, food etc… in their tongue-in-cheek illustrations. An old gramophone, antiquated telephone, painted white and drawn on. Bringing the walls to life and maintaining the eccentric 2D/3D interaction. What we also love is the make believe chandelier. Cut out of a single piece of MDF. The entire concept of the restaurant explores the fact that money and style have nothing in common!

This gives way to a Pataki DIY # 2 – Try this on a study room, studio or boutique. You can play with the base colors. Softers colors are preferred so the black ink stands out. Light pink, baby blue, pastel yellow are good colors to try.
If you want to create the same look as in the 3D pieces, this is how you do it. First sandpaper the piece, smoothen it completely. Make sure theres no dust. Apply a primer. Go right ahead and spray the paint on. Lastly you use a varnish or sealant to finish the job. Click on this link for complete detailed instructions.

Ayaz Basrai tells us that the next Smokehouse Deli, Bangalore will see them experimenting with video projections and animation. We dont know what exactly to expect but we know its going to be very innovative! 
Signing off with a small clip of the illustrations in progress. 

Photos courtesy The Busride