Discover Baba’s Wood Cafe in Goa!

  • 13 Aug '13
  • 4:00 am by Crew

This week has been completely hectic. A new design project in Goa. How could we say no to Goa?! So I have been busy shuttling between the city and the sleepy holiday spot. This time around I got a chance to explore the city. My hunt landed me in an adorable area called Fontainhas, an old Latin Quarter in Panaji. Heavily influenced by Portuguese architecture, narrow streets, old villas painted in lovely bright colors surrounded me. Baba’s Wood Cafe is carefully nestled amongst the color burst.

Owned by Linda Chong (Italian now settled in Goa) by day a lifestyle store, by night a cafe and an open space for events. Serving homemade Italian food is a great bonus while you shop. Especially gorge on the wood fired oven pizzas. You can find paintings by Goan artists, antique furniture by Oltremarino – Italy, Annick Cormery furniture & Baba’s Outdoor Furniture. I particularly love the stunning mirrored canoe. I would design a enitre farmhouse around it. The entire store has exposed red brick which has speckles of golden glimmering through. A laterite which is widely used for construction in Goa.

A rather large space, each rooms flows into the other. A new collection with each space. This place is paradise for someone searching for something different, unique and exciting. I was thrilled with the artwork by John Gilbert. Prem translating into Love in English, rendered in Indian sensibilties. A brilliant adaptation of Robert Indiana’s pop art. You remember the all American LOVE stamp. I ended up buying the Annick Cormery trays / mats which were lacquered with antique gold and silver paint. The pricing is fair, you know the saying, you pay for peanuts you get monkeys! If your a design lover or foodie, Baba’s Wood Cafe should be on your to do list for Goa.

49, Mala, Fontainhas, 
Panjim, Goa, 
India 403001.

+91 0832-3256213
+91 0832-2421992


Photographs courtesy Babas Wood Cafe, Linda Chong