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Collecting Art As A Millennial With Saskia Fernando

Saskia Fernando belongs to one of Sri Lanka’s leading design families. With the goal of introducing an international audience to Sri Lankan contemporary art, she established Saskia Fernando Gallery in 2009. This Colombo-based gallery is the largest contemporary art gallery on the island, housing two exhibition spaces and a private viewing gallery of over 300 works. Saskia makes sure to represent both leading and emerging artists and intends to create a sustainable future for the Sri Lankan art industry. A passionate patron of culture, Saskia is playing an instrumental role in putting the island-nation’s art on the map.
Here are a few things we discuss with her –
What are some of the common barriers of entry which discourage young people from collecting art?
Without as many art fairs how can millennials find new art, and what should be kept in mind while buying art online?
What are millennial buyers looking for when they buy art, and what are their buying habits?

“If you’re a first-time collector, start local, with artists around you.”

– Saskia Fernando