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How To Get Your Work Published Globally With Cindy Allen And Gita Mirchandani

One of the most influential women in the editorial design landscape, Cindy Allen is the female Editor-In-Chief at Interior Design Magazine, helming the American publication for 20 years now. She has established herself as a force in elevating the design profession’s importance and exposure, acting as an ambassador and fervent supporter of architects and designers. A self-proclaimed design junkie, she brings an unbridled passion for design that is manifested in 17 print issues each year and a digital platform reaching a global audience of over 8 million. With her direction, Interior Design Magazine is constantly evolving to best celebrate designers and their process.
Gita is the founder of her namesake public relations firm, GITAPR. Known for her understanding of the evolving media landscape and digital platform, she has masterfully executed international programs in the fields of luxury, business, design, fashion, hospitality, travel, real estate and philanthropy.

Here are a few things we discuss with them –
How has the editorial design world changed over the last twenty years?
How can a designer strike a balance between staying true to their roots and appealing to global sensibilities?
What is the importance of PR when it comes to getting noticed globally?

“Great design rises”
– Cindy Allen