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The driving philosophy behind Objects In Space is to treat home decor items as art objects. The brand fuses the contemporary and historic, minimal and decorative, and the past and future. They are guided by circumstances, allowing global and indigenous cultures to navigate their aesthetics. Objects in Space was officially founded in 2020 but the operations began in 2018 by Abeer Husain, co-founder and creative director. To breathe life into their vision and make Objects in Space a reality, Shanvi Rastogi joined in 2020 as co-founder and digital designer. Their collections are segregated in terms of the materials used and each collection has a distinct style. The Warmglow Collection is all metal, reflecting circles, arcs and triangles, at times asymmetrically, whereas, the Terracotta Collection is lathed and their design is centred around the history of the material used.

Objects In Space transports their clients to a virtual world of lifestyle accessories to shop from. They want people to be able to imagine their products in their homes via augmented reality and use various 3D rendering technologies. Objects in Space understands that the product’s value lies in its tactility. The beautiful flaws and imperfections that one sees in a product that is handcrafted, contributes to its extrinsic value. Keeping this in mind, their brand statement is “In-between tangible objects and augmented reality”, and they believe that finding that midground is essential to enhance consumer experience. They have adopted a virtual route to present these products to consumers online so that through their brand they can bridge this gap.

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“The details are not the details. They make the design!”

- Charles and Eames

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