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Commerce and creativity come together in an inimitable celebration of locally manufactured global design, at Sage Living. The Hyderabad based B2B furniture and decor company has an unrelenting focus on holistic design. Founded by Keerthi Tummala in 2018, Sage was envisioned as a solution to the dearth in a market with massive untapped potential – that of Indian distributors who both design and supply to local retailers. A strong creative spirit drives the brand to push all boundaries of design. By combining traditional techniques of craftsmanship with an internationally inspired design sensibility, Sage creates pieces that are infused with an innate, immovable elegance.

Created with the contemporary aesthete in mind, Sage Living’s collections marry otherworldly grace with cutting-edge contemporary design. They are thoroughly diverse in style, with inspirations ranging from architectural history to the cosmos. Cultures, materials, and techniques used around the world come together to chart out unique narratives for each collection, that transcend the barriers of time and geography.

One of Sage’s primary tenets is bolstering the potential of homegrown artisanship. The company works closely with Indian designers and creators to produce locally-made pieces that carry a universal design appeal. Tapping into the abundant resource of Indian talent, Sage embodies the ‘Make In India’ spirit to the fullest.

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“The details are not the details. They make the design!”

- Charles and Eames

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