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Sourcing Secrets – The Nursery Edit with The Little Nugget, TCG Studio and Awesome Snoozie

  • 28 Jan '22
  • 12:00 pm by Nitika Choraria

Sourcing Secrets – a series in which Design Pataki brings to you the hottest insider tips on shopping for decor and art while uncovering fascinating finds from across the globe.

When it comes to designing a nursery there are several details that can be easily overlooked but must be taken into consideration to create a beautiful yet flexible living space for the little one. From The Little Nugget and TCG Studio to Awesome Snoozie, the founders of these design studios give us a lowdown on designing the perfect nursery for tiny tots!

L-R : Shonali Mahajan, Sanna Daya Hasan & Ashni Tapuriah Shah, Neha Bhasin

Shonali Mahajan founded Studio Woodhouse and launched a specialized segment called Little Nugget – a design service meant especially for nurseries and kids rooms. She brilliantly brings together international standards of design along with Indian craftsmanship. From conceptualization to execution she strives to create timeless yet relevant spaces with keeping in mind fine attention to detail and brings out bespoke design solutions to life. On the other hand, co-founded by Sanna Daya Hasan & Ashni Tapuriah Shah, TCG Studio follows a multi-disciplinary and concept driven approach. Their love for layering textures through beautiful textiles and materials coupled with their unique sense of curation and eye for detail, enables them to design and seamlessly execute stunning spaces that tell a story. Lastly, Awesome Snoozie founded by Neha Bhasin combines her passion as a mother and perfectionist as an interior designer and blends them both perfectly. Awesome Snoozie for her is the dream of fusing the perks of motherhood in a highly work driven society. Read on for an insight about all their favourite nursery must-haves, brands they love, tips and much more!

Pastel tones that seamlessly blend with patterns and motifs work best in nurseries. Image credits: TCG Studio

Design Pataki: A colour palette would you suggest for a nursery –

The Little Nugget: Infants usually can only see in black and white for the first few months which works perfectly for my aesthetic. I love black and white nurseries because there are so many accessories you can use to decorate with that and work as a contrast and add an element of pop with the theme. Also, Japandi nurseries are my current favourite! Here are some of my tips on choosing a colour palette:
– Monochrome spaces work best for infants
– Light, warm colours are good for comfortable and intimate spaces like bathrooms
– Bright colours like red, orange, yellow are over stimulating and should be avoided in areas of rest
– Cool colours decrease heart beat, lower blood pressure and improve sleep patterns
– A dark palette should be avoided since it’s cold and uninviting
– Less is more and it helps focus

TCG Studio: We often choose a pale background and layer colours through motifs and patterns. We spend a good amount of time curating the colour palette as elements such as the flooring and storage need to be visually balanced within the larger scheme.

Awesome Snoozie: In my opinion, pastel tones work best in nurseries as they can last long and with minimal changes nurseries can be converted into toddler rooms with great ease.


Design Pataki: Your go-to local brands to shop for a nursery –

The Little Nugget: The Swaddle Cove, Cradle & Maa

TCG Studio: Kaji Kids, GWD Kids, Cradle & Maa and All Things Baby
Awesome Snoozie: Masilo


Design Pataki: Your favourite international store to shop for a nursery –

The Little Nugget: Pottery Barn and Kartell

TCG Studio: Pottery Barn Kids, Crate & Kids, RH Baby & Child

Awesome Snoozie: Pottery Barn


Design Pataki: Tips to create ample storage space in a nursery –

The Little Nugget: One should definitely use storage boxes. They can be stacked up, stacked away, stacked under beds and so on.

TCG Studio: In addition to building floor to ceiling wardrobes one should use any awkward corner to create storage. One can add storage under the daybed and in the nightstands. Storage baskets and bins are extremely useful too for extra blankets, swaddles and the feeding pillow.

Awesome Snoozie: Sitting with storage and beds with hydraulic pull up. This provides ample storage with minimal space wastage.

Storage baskets are extremely useful to create additional storage space. Image credits: TCG Studio

Design Pataki: A nursery wallpaper brand you love –

The Little Nugget: Calico Wallpaper, Wallpaper Scissor and Dolce Bambino

TCG Studio: We love custom wallpapers for nurseries. We’ve worked extensively with Dolce Bambino!

Awesome Snoozie: Little Hands wallpaper

Cool colors decrease heart beat, lower blood pressure and improves the child’s sleep patterns. Image credits: TCG Studio

Design Pataki: A store to purchase a crib from –

The Little Nugget: Stokke if budget permits, Mothercare, Ikea, Pottery Barn, Swaddle Cove, Cradle & Maa

TCG Studio: All Things Baby

Awesome Snoozie: Awesome Snoozie (we customize all our furniture!)


Design Pataki: A store to purchase a nursery chair from –

The Little Nugget: Pottery Barn, Swaddle Cove, Cradle & Maa

TCG Studio: Swaddle Cove

Awesome Snoozie: Scandiborn


Design Pataki: A store to purchase a changing table from –

The Little Nugget: Pottery Barn, Swaddle Cove, Cradle & Maa and Ikea

TCG Studio: We’ve actually always custom made the changing table. One of the reasons being that the changing table is only useful for a few months after which it is used as a chest of drawers. Custom making this allows the client flexibility to move this piece to other areas of the home later on.

Awesome Snoozie: Awesome Snoozie Interiors (we customize all our furniture!)

Ambient and dim lighting helps create a relaxing aura. Image credits: Awesome Snoozie

Design Pataki: Fabrics and textiles you would suggest for a nursery –

The Little Nugget: Only natural organic textiles! Linens, cottons, muslins, hypo-allergenic textiles and nothing shaggy and nothing that is a heavy weave that will collect dust. Carpets must all be short piles and one should definitely put a rubber mat below so that helps avoid any accidents!

TCG Studio: Durable, sturdy fabrics such as chenniles and poly-cotton blends are our go-to for upholstery. We try to steer clear of anything with a rough texture. We also suggest nano coating upholstered furniture in the nursery to protect the fabric from stains and spills that are bound to occur. For curtains we prefer lightweight linen sheers with blackout blinds.

Awesome Snoozie: We definitely suggest breathable fabrics for curtains and low maintenance fabrics for cribs, day beds and feeding chairs.

Natural organic textiles and breathable fabrics are ideal for the nursery. Image credits: TCG Studio

Design Pataki: Your favourite store to purchase a rug from for the nursery –

The Little Nugget: Hatsu, Pottery Barn Kids and Zara Home (Kids)

TCG Studio: We work extensively with the Weaver to design bespoke rugs for our nurseries. The rugs really pull the space together.

Awesome Snoozie: Pottery Barn

The rugs should be short piles without a heavy weave that accumulates dust. Image credits: TCG Studio

Design Pataki: Nursery must-haves –

The Little Nugget: Other than furniture such as the crib, rocking chair, day bed, changing table and some bookshelves, I feel like the right materials are far more important, such as:
– Natural materials that include wood, bamboo, cotton, linen
– Wipeable cleanable surfaces
– Water based paints
– Soft elements
– Non-toxic plants such as Areca, Chinese Fan Palm, Bamboo Palm, Raphis Palm
– Carpets for soft play and tile, linoleum and wood for messy work

TCG Studio: It should have enough surface space. One tends to underestimate the number of things you need to have easily accessible.The utility items such as 100% blackout shades, a baby monitor, air purifier, sterilizers and so on. Additionally, we try and build in as much storage as possible because of the high volume of things required by a baby and the mother.

Awesome Snoozie: The nursery must have a feeding chair, changing table and nest of tables.

A feeding space, changing table and nest of tables is a must for the nursery. Image credits: Awesome Snoozie

Design Pataki: Some of your favourite décor pieces you’ve sourced for a nursery so far –

The Little Nugget: I’ve sourced a lot of pieces from Ikea – it’s cheap and cheerful! Otherwise I love all the pieces sourced from Etsy, Kartell, Pottery Barn Kids and Zara Home (Kids).

TCG Studio: We recently purchased a beautiful Birch shelf and floor lamp from Pottery Barn Kids for a Pooh themed nursery. We also get custom curtain ties from local artists!

Awesome Snoozie: Lamps, curtain tie ups, frames and rattles are some of the décor pieces we’ve sourced.


Design Pataki: 5 nursery-related Instagram accounts you get inspiration from –

The Little Nugget: Masilo, Malabar Baby, Petite Interior Company, Scandi Nursery Decor & Toys

TCG Studio: Three Moms, Ooh My Light, Anny And Eryn, Circu Magical Furniture and Crate & Kids

Awesome Snoozie: Kids Room Interiors, Circumagical, Scandiborn, The Modern Nursery and Project Nursery

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