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The Golden Triangle

The finesse and artistry of every art piece always have and will be loved and praised in home décor. Based in Mumbai, the Golden Triangle are aesthetes with a refined sensitivity toward the beauty of this art. With a desire to spread the love of art to places, each piece is curated diligently to create a one-stop-shop store for all kinds of luxurious collections of accent furniture, premium artefacts and statement pieces that have the consumers in awe of them. The whole process is beautifully crafted wherein the art becomes an expression of one’s thoughts, emotions and desires in tandem with the imagination of the artists who create and the end-users who perceive it.

At the Golden Triangle, you will find an original handcrafted eclectic mix of art products to suit your décor and lifestyle requirements which manifests into a delectable experience. Their vision is to be an organization that choreographs a cultural presence in your life through curation, giving you the ultimate home décor experience, emboldening your vision and creating a lasting impact in your life. The passion to deliver beyond expectations to meet your discerning tastes with statement pieces or detailed designs makes the Golden Triangle a veritable platform to alleviate and brighten not just homes and offices but the lives of people.

“The details are not the details. They make the design!”

- Charles and Eames

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