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Yasanche by Yashesh Virkar is a celebration of exquisite artistry. Established in 2013, Yasanche offers path-breaking home decor accessories crafted with resin. Looking past conventional materials like wood and metal, Virkar decided to utilize translucent resin to its full potential by merging it with age-old hand-processed methods. His unique design sensibilities, eye for detail, and penchant for perfection reflect in the brand’s offerings. Yasanche sets a high standard in home accessories with its empowering style, prestige, and exclusivity. Each piece resembles a work of art which is handcrafted to perfection.

Yasanche’s designs are inspired by the decorative arts, flora and fauna, and natural forms. One of the brand’s most unique offerings, the ‘Water Series’ takes inspiration from the purity and kinetic form of water. This series exhibits a collection of accessories that portray the fluidity of water in its different states of existence in the form of ripples, waves, splashes, droplets and bubbles – shapes and movements that have been wonderfully captured as a moment in time.

Virkar’s experience with architects and furniture designers have helped him develop a one-of-a-kind design aesthetic and sense of authenticity. “In the future, I see the rise of a more honest and humble design approach by employing sustainable ways of working and using more eco-friendly materials. With Yasanche, we will continue to promote this, while also staying true to our philosophy of seducing, enticing and captivating our audience with pieces that provide an emotional experience and a sense of belonging,” he says.

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“The details are not the details. They make the design!”

- Charles and Eames

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