Dubai Design Highlights!

  • 11 Jan '13
  • 4:00 am by Crew
Louis Vuitton Window Display
Every new city and every new town leads way to numerous design ideas and concept. Inspiration is always around you. My trip over the New Year to Dubai was full of cultural and modern ideas. Dubai Mall felt like a city by itself. Everystore strived to create stunning window displays. One topping the other. The Louis Vuitton store took you to a scene from Pride & Prejudice. Partly frosted glass to give that faraway look. Combined with trellis covered in artificial snow. 

The Christian Dior store (below) on the other hand went with ice sculpture look-a-like furniture and artificial snow. Luxury furniture frozen in time. LED lighting adds the extra pop and feel.
Christian Louboutin Store

Christian Louboutin (above) goes for a mosaic tile look. Shiny red, yellow, blue solid colors form the store entrance. This idea would look great for a holiday home. The entrance can be done in these bright mosaic along with a white lacquered signage. I think the gold is falling a bit dull against the colors. 

Fendi (below) has used old buckles and logos melted together to form the base of the stands. Amazing because they have up cycled and still kept with the image and style. 

Fendi Window Display

Below are some random pieces of furniture which seemed interesting. It represented of the culture of the Emirates. The etching on the chair below was brilliant. The decorated camel serving as the coffee was unique. Creates a great vibe. If only I could have got it back with me. Sometimes that one piece creates the style statement that every place needs. 

Furniture at the Grand Hyatt
Furniture at Sheesha Bar
Furniture at Sheesha Bar

At Dubai Mall this waterfall swirled all the way from the front side to the other end. Spanning a height of 3 floors, this stunning visual also crept into the lower basement. Sitting at the restaurants in the lower basement made you feel like you were dining on a waterfall. Simply breathtaking. 

Waterfall Installation at Dubai Mall
Butterfly Installation at Dubai Mall
Photos courtesy Design Pataki