Jun 18

Documenta 15

Documenta 15, the once-every-five-years exhibition in Kassel, Germany, ranks among the world’s most important art festivals. Ruangrupa, a collective of artists and creatives from Jakarta, Indonesia is in charge of the artistic direction for Documenta 15. The Jakarta-based artists’ collective has built the foundation of their documenta fifteen on the core values and ideas of Lumbung (Indonesian term for a communal rice barn). Lumbung as an artistic and economic model is rooted in principles such as collectivity, communal resource sharing, and equal allocation, and is embodied in all parts of the collaboration and the exhibition.
Towards documenta fifteen, Ruangrupa invites community-oriented collectives, organizations, and institutions from around the world to practice Lumbung with each other and work on new models of sustainability and collective practices of sharing.


Jun 18, 2022 - Sep 25, 2022


Kassel, Germany