Sep 06


Helsinki Design Week’s ethos revolves around cross-disciplinary collaboration, fostering an environment where professionals from various creative fields converge to spark innovative ideas and co-create. As the foremost platform for design in Finland, the festival brings together interior architects, industrial designers, graphic designers, architects, and more, serving as a catalyst for new projects, employment opportunities, and client prospects. With an inclusive approach, Helsinki Design Week welcomes diverse stakeholders, including schools, universities, cultural institutes, and NGOs, ensuring a broad and engaging urban festival experience. Through its Open Call system and partnering initiatives, the festival strives to facilitate participation and showcase the breadth of Finnish design excellence. Anchored by its signature medium, Helsinki Design Weekly, the festival extends its reach beyond its September event, fostering year-round engagement and expanding its footprint to new locations, such as the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale. Looking ahead to its 20th anniversary in 2025, Helsinki Design Week remains committed to redefining the traditional festival model, continually evolving to remain topical and relevant to both its target audience and society at large.


Sep 06, 2024 - Sep 15, 2024