Sep 06

Helsinki Design Week

                                                                       An Exhibit from Helsinki Design Week 2016

The largest multidisciplinary design festival in the Nordic countries sees its 14th year since its conception in 2005. Taking place between the 6th and 16th of September, the Helsinki Design Week will host over 200 events across fields of architecture, fashion and urban culture, which will target both the general public as well as design professionals.

The festival’s theme this year, TRUST, has inspired several of the events, discussions, and workshops. Examples of these include the exhibit by sculptor Man Yau, The Fire Garden by designer Leena Kouhia and architect Sofie Hägerström, and The City Cradle, an installation created by a multi-discipline team of architects.

The 10-day festival also hosts Design Market, the largest design stock sale in the Nordics where one can buy off-season products and prototypes at affordable prices. Also parts of the festival, the Helsinki Design Awards bring together and honour the most skilled designers in Finland.

Helsinki Design Week takes place at venues all across the city – from museums and markets to seminar halls, encouraging the participants to explore the city.


Photograph Credit Helsinki Design Week


Sep 06, 2018 - Sep 16, 2018

Helsinki, Finland