Jan 29


KALĀ,  a platform for South Asian Art, in association with the Lionel Wendt Art Centre, opens 28 January 2024 with its inaugural exhibition ‘Pivot. Glide. Echo.’ This exhibition is the platform’s inaugural exhibition of artists spanning eight decades bringing together 19 Sri Lankan artists, curated by KALĀ Assistant Curator Mariyam Begum under the guidance of KALĀ Curatorial Advisor Sandhini Poddar, Adjunct Curator at Large of the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.

Kalā is the Sanskrit word meaning performing art or skilled craft. A platform for showcasing South Asian modern and contemporary art, originating from both the local and diasporic arts community. They aim to provide a new annual platform that contributes to the sustainable development of art ecosystems within the Sri Lankan region and wider South Asia. The month long event will include programming that includes curated program of talks, workshops, and events at the centre, across leading institutions, establishments, online, and with selected hospitality partners. 



Jan 29, 2024 - Feb 25, 2024

Lionel Wendt Art Centre