Jun 12


Playing with the commercial design and business trends, NeoCon remains the most attended event to witness design and its domains amplifying in the business and commercial sectors. The show focuses on being at the forefront of design and its implementation in daily life. The industry’s major manufacturers, as well as latest emerging companies, will showcase thousands of new products and services in categories including Furniture, Fabrics, Flooring, Interior Building Products, Interior Finishes and Technology.

NeoCon has provided a platform for ideas that have transformed the ways we live and work for the past 50 years. Through its first five decades, NeoCon has showcased commercial design’s response to technological advances, cultural change, and growing ecological consciousness. The exhibition of NeoCon is complemented by first-class educational programming featuring daily Keynotes and an array of accredited seminars and special programs. In addition, NeoCon will offer a series of CEU virtual programming throughout the year.