Sep 25

Vienna Design Week

Viennna Design Week

Austria’s largest curated design festival, Vienna Design Week celebrates local potential on an international scale. Vienna Design Week showcases design in myriad formats – exhibitions, product presentations, workshops, participatory projects, talks and tours across the city. The festival views design as an integral element of everyday life that transcends merely aesthetic contribution and acts as a multifaceted, deeply effective instrument of society. It features national and international projects, as well as experimental approaches in the fields of architecture, graphic, product, furniture, industrial and social design.

During ten days each Autumn Vienna Design Week proves that Vienna is a “City Full of Design”. Overlooked corners of the city turn into stages for design, both critical and playful approaches, entry-level communication and professional discourse explore new perspectives on the objects around us and design as well as manufacturing processes are revealed often in experimental ways specific to their location.


Sep 25, 2020 - Oct 04, 2020