Extraordinary Book Sculptures by Banoo Batliboi

  • 15 Oct '12
  • 6:50 am by Crew
Basic Series

The artist behind the extraordinary book sculptures is Banoo Batliboi. Each piece is painstakingly created by hand. Ask her what inspired her to create these works of art and she says, “I saw a book with folded pages and was immediately intrigued by it. I wanted to give my brother a present which was personal. The book idea then came back to me and I started experimenting with it.” We asked her what is the hardest part in creating the sculptures? “The initial stages are the hardest, because conceptualising takes the most time. After that it is long hours of tedious labour and precision.” One of the most interesting elements is the texture the words create with each fold. The text is being aligned to add a special optical illusion.

Book Sculpture
Different Book Sculptures from the Basic Series
Photography with the Sculptures

Her latest collection, Plush Series, was showcased at the Apparao Galleries at the Aman, New Delhi. Using old volumes of the Franklin Library Series. Bound in rich leather and hard covers embossed in 22k gold. The pages are gilded and made out of acid neutral pages. Making each sculpture a collectors piece which can be handed down for generations. The plush series comes in an acrylic case for further protection and a handwritten card signed by the artist. Click here for the video link for an extensive look at the Plush Series.
The Basic Series uses regular old hardcover books and ranges at Rs 3000 – 4000 per piece.
The Plush Series uses rare leather bound books with gilded edges at Rs 15,000 – 20,000 per piece.

Banoo Batliboi has also started experimenting with cartography. Using a vintage atlas, she has created a three dimensional tessellation.

Good news for all those living in Mumbai or coming into Mumbai.
The book sculptures will be on view at a ‘Open House’ on 21st October, Sunday from 11am to 2pm at the artist home on Altamount Road.
If you would like attend the open house please send her an email at

Plush Series
Cartography with a Vintage Atlas
Cartography with a Vintage Atlas

Banoo Batliboi
Altamount Road,

Photos courtesy Banoo Batliboi